The Galaxy Training Network is committed to making its content accessible to all learners, including those with disabilities. While we are a volunteer organisation, we are constantly working to ensure that our training materials are accessible to everyone, regardless of their abilities or background. We use a variety of accessibility features and tools, including alt text, closed captioning, and automated testing, to make our content accessible to all learners.

We aim for WCAG 2.0 AA compliance (AAA where possible), under the default theme and styling of the GTN. We are investigating our Section 508 compliance.

Accessibility Features






We know accessibility is an on-going process and there will always be work to do and improvements to be made. If you need support or would like to provide feedback you can contact us on GitHub issues, Matrix, or via email, whichever is most accessible for you. We take all your feedback and suggestions seriously, honestly, and with care.

Additional Features

Auto-expanding boxes:
Tutorials can be viewed with all boxes automatically expanded, just add ?expand-all=true to the URL of the page you are visiting.
Theme changeable via URL
Adding ?theme= will let you control the theme via URL.
JS free experience
The training works completely without Javascript, if that helps you. The only features that are degraded are the automatic Table of Contents, and choose your own adventure style tutorials. This is an ongoing project to work around in a sensible way. Additionally themes do not function without JS, we do not have a workaround currently, as the GTN is a fully static site.
  1. One of our developers uses a screenreader, not full time, but on a regular basis.